Faustina the Elder

Faustina the Elder (100-140) was the wife of Antoninus Pius, and was the first lady of the empire for only three years. She had four children with her husband, and the two had a very loving and affectionate marriage. Faustina was the niece of Sabina and Hadrian, and the sister of Lucius Verus.
When her husband was emperor, Faustina was surrounded by scandal. She was not seen to be as virtuous as empresses and princesses before her, and had rather shameful behavior during her time in the public eye. Despite this, Faustina was nevertheless honored with the title “Augusta,” which gave her the right to be on coins.
Her husband, Antoninus, was devastated by her death in 140 AD, and he had Senate deify her. Furthermore he ordered her face to be on even more coins, bearing the the inscription “Diva Faustina”, and established charity in her name, Puella Faustininae.