Sabina (83–136/137) was very young, only 12 years old, when she became the wife of Hadrian. The two had a rather loveless relationship and did not have any children together, and Hadrian likely married the child in order to acquire the throne. Sabina was the niece of Trajan, but was considered to be like a daughter to him, and whomever she was to marry would be next in line for the throne after Trajan’s passing.
Sabina’s husband was rumored to be gay, and having an affair with his favorite Antinous. However, she remained a loyal wife and stayed with him, and even accompanied Hadrian and Antinous on a trip across Italy. In 128 Sabina was honored with the title “Augusta.’
Sabina died in 136 or 137. She was rumored to be poisoned by Hadrian, but this is likely false because he was old and dying at the time of her death. Moreover, she had been a loyal wife throughout their marriage, and Hadrian would not have a clear motive to have her killed. Sabina was deified after her death by her husband.