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Faustina the Younger

Faustina the Younger (130-176) was the wife and cousin of Marcus Aurelius. The couple had 13 children together!
She was the daughter of Antoninus…

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Lucilla (March 7, 148 or 150–182) was the wife of Lucius Verus, the older sister to Commodus, and the daughter of Marcus Aurelius. Lucilla and Lucius…

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Salonina (253 – 268) was the virtuous and intelligent wife of Gallienus, and they had three children together: Valerian II, Saloninus and Marinianus.…

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Marcia Otacilia Severa (3rd century AD) was the wife of Philip the Arab, and the two had one daughter and one son. She was honored with title Augusta…

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Julia Maesa

Julia Maesa (159 - 224) was the younger sister of Julia Domna, and the grandmother of Elagabalus. Maesa had a lot of political influence, and a…

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Julia Domna

Julia Domna (160–217) was the cultivated and influential wife of Septimius Severus. The couple had two sons together, Caracalla and Geta. Domna was…

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Crispina (164 – 191) was the wife of Commodus and empress of the Roman Empire. Her father-in-law co-ruled with her husband, giving her the position of…

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Faustina the Elder

Faustina the Elder (100-140) was the wife of Antoninus Pius, and was the first lady of the empire for only three years. She had four children with her…

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Sabina (83–136/137) was very young, only 12 years old, when she became the wife of Hadrian. The two had a rather loveless relationship and did not…

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