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Brownsburg Female Academy Reportcard.jpg
Brownsburg Female Academy report card for student Alice Johnston dated June 19, 1863.

1861 2nd Dragoons.jpg

1861 14 Cav LG.jpg

Cobb's Legion LG.jpg

Cobb's Legion Thank You LG.jpg

Robert McChesney#1.jpg
This photograph is of Lieutenant Robert McChesney, a Brownsburg resident, who served in Co. H., 14th Virginia Calvary.

robert McChesney obit july 11 1861 LG.jpg

Dragoon Graphic LG.jpg
This newspaper graphic is intended to call the Second Rockbridge Dragoons to action. This company become Co. H., 14th Virginia Cavalry.

Rockbridge Mounted Ranger 1861 LG.jpg

Photograph of General John McCausland

VMI Ruin0001.jpg


Hunter's Raid Wheat Crop LG.jpg
This clipping describes a successful wheat harvest, which was not damaged during the recent raid by General David Hunter 's troops. It also shared other news related to the invasion, including that the VMI cadets have been temporarily furloughed and…

George Crook.jpg

Hunter full standing_cropped.jpg

Henry boswell Jones Diary Excerpt june 1864.jpg


RHS Photo Bellvue.jpg

1861 B'Burg Seminary LG.jpg

NEw  Providence Church.jpg

Frontispiece_Bible defense of slavery -1851.jpg
This scan is an image of the book's title page and previous page, which contains an engraving entitled The Four Representations of Mankind thatdepicts Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Native Americans.

Ephesians 6 -9.jpg

Slave ad 1860 LG.jpg
Newspaper advertisement placed by Brownsburg resident William Taylor seeking to purchase 500 slaves of each gender for sale in the southern market.

withrow slave add.jpg
In this machine a fixed plate of glass has two metallic foil sectors glued onto it. The slightly-larger rotating plate has six foil dots with raised studs glued to it; the foil sectors are large enough so that two of the studs are opposite each…
These glass spheres were used to contain gases such as iodine, bromine, and hypo-nitrous acid in order to study their light-absorption properties, i.e. their absorption spectra. Light shown on the cell passed through the glass and was absorbed by the…

Many pieces of demonstration equipment must be rotated to show a desired effect. A Rotator is a device with a crank that can rapidly rotate a small horizontal platform about an axis. Other pieces of equipment, like Newton’s Color Wheel, attached to…

An ammeter is a device for measuring electric current. The analog ammeter is constructed so as to pass only a small (but known) fraction of the current to be measured through the meter movement that deflects the needle. This allows a very sensitive…
Lightning is the ultimate arc lamp, and so Benjamin Franklin's 1752 experiment of drawing electricity from the clouds and jumping a spark is perhaps the first arc lamp. In 1801 Humphry Davy observed the brilliant spark obtained when the connection…
This is a device used to demonstrate the effect of atmospheric pressure. A glass vessel with openings at the bottom and top has its large top opening covered by a piece of animal bladder that is tied to seal it around its edges. As air is pumped from…


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