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Engraving of former slaves leaving their homes for New Bern, North Carolina escorted by Union soldiers after the Emancipation Proclamation.

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This photograph is of Jump Mountain, which is located near Brownsburg, Virginia.

This directory, dated June 1, 1871, lists the newly elected leadership of New Providence Church.

Hileman Oath of Allegiance Notification.jpg
This Oath of Allegiance to the United States was signed by Confederate veteran Daniel Hileman of Rockbridge County, Virginia.

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June 1861 25th Va Announcement LG.jpg

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1861 25th Va LG.jpg
This newspaper article announces the names of four men elected as officers for the Confederate States of America's 25th Virginia Legion, which was organized in Brownsburg.

1861 14 Cav LG.jpg
This newspaper article announces that the 25th Calvary Legion recently left Brownsburg and headed for Harper's Ferry.

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Newspaper article of Virginia Governor John Letcher's response to the U. S. Secretary of War Simon Cameron's request for part of the Virginia militia to be sent to Washington, D.C. to serve in the Union army. In this reply, Governor Letcher refuses…


This newspaper clipping reports the votes for or against secession by Rockbridge County district.

This newspaper article announces an upcoming meeting of the people of Rockbridge County to discuss the possibility of dissolution of the federal government.

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General Order Number 9 - Lee.jpg
In General Order Number 9, General Robert E. Lee announces to the Army of Northern Virginia that the American Civil War has ended and that they are free to return home. This is the original document written in General Lee's hand.

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Flag advertising for the U. S. presidential campaign of John Bell

This photograph is an ambrotype.
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