Voss Machine


Voss Machine


Static Electricity


In this machine a fixed plate of glass has two metallic foil sectors glued onto it. The slightly-larger rotating plate has six foil dots with raised studs glued to it; the foil sectors are large enough so that two of the studs are opposite each sector. In the middle is a horizontal ebonite rod, with collecting combs on the ends that are connected to Leiden jars. The vertical brass rod has metallic combs attached to its ends. The crank sets the machine in motion. At the northeast and southwest corners there are fixed metallic brushes that are in electrical contact with the foil sectors of the fixed disk.  This item is an excellent match for a machine in the ca. 1900 Max Kohl catalogue.Its cost was about 70 Marks, depending on the diameter of the disk.

This machine may also be refered to as a Toepler-Holtz machine.


Property of the W&L Physics & Engineering Department




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