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Allen Ginsberg (w/ Leica), Russian poet Andrei Voznesensky, dining near Chelsea Hotel, where Voznesensky often stayed in Arthur Miller's room. May 26, l994.

Handcrafted scarves crocheted by Montrose Grandberry.

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Die Hutmode hat militärischen Einschlag: Braune Filztoque mit Posamentenkordel



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Siedler begutachten ein Haferfeld.

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Luis Rainer als Thomas Becket (in der Mitte stehend) in dem Drama "Tragödie der Leidenschaften" von Eugen Linz, das im Staatlichen Schauspielhaus zu Dresden uraufgeführt wurde. - Das Stück behandelt Herzens - und Hofintrigen in der Umgebung…

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Newspaper advertisement placed by Brownsburg resident William Taylor seeking to purchase 500 slaves of each gender for sale in the southern market.


published 1971

facsimile of existing fragments from the Genji monogatari emaki

(c. 12th century)

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Der italienische Botschafter Attolico spricht auf dem Empfanf der Berliner italienischen Kolonie im alten italienischer Botschaftspalais in der Viktoriastrasse. - Diesre 13 Jahrestag wurde in aller Welt von den Italienern festlich begangen.

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A letter written from Margant M. Ratcliffe to Nelson.

Alexander Lockhart Nelson's obituary which was published in the Rockbridge County News on the day following his death. Describes his impact in the Lexington community and at Washington and Lee, along with the details of his death. Nelson died on the…
These glass spheres were used to contain gases such as iodine, bromine, and hypo-nitrous acid in order to study their light-absorption properties, i.e. their absorption spectra. Light shown on the cell passed through the glass and was absorbed by the…

The three prisms hanging from the brass stand may be folded up in pairs to demonstrate achromatism (no color separation) or constant deviation (no color dependence of the angle of minimum bending of light.) These were made by Lerebours et Secretan of…


Transcribed in this journal is a previously undiscovered address on R. E. Lee, given by Nelson in what is now Lee Chapel in a weekly morning seminar. Describing, in detail, Lee’s initial ride into town through the intricacies of his funeral, he…




Allen Ginsberg inscribes his Collected Poems for Daisy Ball, Jackson, Mississippi, May 31, 1986. Daisy’s cheek was scratched in a roller skating fall.

Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, on Avenue C near Ginsberg’s E. 10th Street apartment, New York City, fall 1973. Allen and I [Gordon] were working on Allen Verbatim then.

Peter is reading Richard Hell's Go Now. Soon we'd leave to tour Allen's new loft and then dine at his favorite Mee Noodle Shop & Grill on First Avenue. June 1996.

Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, New York City, New Year’s 1977.

Allen Ginsberg studies contact sheet of his mid-1950s shots of himself and Peter Orlovsky, Gordon Balls' home, Lexington, VA, February 1991.

Allen Ginsberg, Philip Whalen, novelist William S. Burroughs, swimming pool area, Varsity Apartments, Boulder, Colorado, July 1976.
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