Head of Apollo Belvedere (Pythian Apollo) after Leochares


Monologue by Jhade Jordan '21

Major: History

Winter 2021

Do you think you can contain me mortal? You must not who I am. When I was born into this world my first words were a prophecy. “The dear lyre and the bent bow will be mine, and I shall proclaim to men the infallible counsel of Zeus." I am the Greek God Apollo. My titles are never-ending. Son of Zeus and Leto. God of Prophecy and Truth. God of Music and Poetry. God of the Sun. Patron of Delphi. Spurned lover of Daphne. Twin to Artemis the Goddess of the Hunt and Chastity. Soon I will rejoin them.

You didn’t know this did you. In this enclosure I am labeled only as Head of Apollo Belvedere aka Pythian Apollo. They have taken away most of me. My bottom limbs are missing. The arms that struck down the mighty serpent of Delphi are gone. The arms that notched an arrow into Achilles heels have been amputated. Despite what they have done I am still whole. I remember it all. I will bide my time.

Memories and visions swirl in my head. I think back to sharing counsel with the Gods on Mount Olympus. My father Zeus at the head of the table and his jealous wife Hera on his right. Her name brings bitterness to the back of my tongue. She who had cursed my mother for laying with Zeus and conceiving me in adultery. She who had sent that serpent monster to kill me in Delphi. From her I have lost much and gained little. Retribution waits for my release.

My head remains turned for your benefit. Behind this glass, I am frozen in time. Back to the moment I had released my arrow and struck down the Python of Delphi. However, you cannot tell. All that I am left with is the laurel on the crown of my head. The last token of Daphne. My heart’s desire that was transformed into a laurel tree after being cursed to reject me. I refuse to let this be the end. I will wait for the right moment. When I turn to look at you mortal you will burn up from viewing the wrath of a thousand suns. Then I will release myself and ride off in my golden chariot pulled by swans.

My gifts are boundless. I will not dignify you with a glance. No, no I will wait. One look into my eyes an you will be no more. For I am a God. I am Immortal. There is no one who can defeat me. I have survived the Trojan War. I have survived Hera. I have survived Zeus himself. There is nothing that can be done to put me down.

I Am The Sun. I Might Rise. I Might Set. I Will Never Be Gone From This World.

Head of Apollo Belvedere (Pythian Apollo) after Leochares