Duo by Alvin C. Hollingsworth


Monologue by Emily Moran '23

Majors: Accounting and Theater

Fall 2020

Hola!  Me llamo Sancho Panza…Que?… oh.  ahhhhh ellos no hablan español?  Ok, I will talk in English.  My name is Sancho Panza.  I am servant to Alonso Quijana.  Can you see me?  I am sitting next to Master.  Master is very tall, I am short.  I am also tired.  Are you tired?  That’s why I am sitting.  Master is standing though because Master never gets tired!  I have been Master’s servant for as long as I can remember.  He is a good Master; I really like him! 

You want to know about Master?  I will tell you about Master.  Master is different. Different my Master is.  He likes books.  He likes books about dragons.  He likes books about knights.  He likes books about knights and dragons.  He read so many books he became a book!  Wait that isn’t right.  He didn’t become a book.  One day he had read so many books he decided, he declared he was a knight.  Knights go on adventures so he decided we would go on an adventure.  There must be a damsel somewhere to save!  Adventurers have important names so Master said call me Don Quixote the man of La Mancha.  The man of La Mancha you ask?  Yes!  The man of La Mancha!  No more will he be Alonso Quijana now he is Don Quixote the Man of La Mancha.  He has been the Man of La Mancha for months now!  We are in search of an adventure!  He will find a damsel to save, probably.  He must!  

He is not delusional.  I don’t think he’s delusional.  What does it mean to be delusional? It doesn’t matter. I am his loyal servant. I will follow him always.  I am his squire!  Squires are important you know. That’s why I stay with him! Why do I stay with him?  I stay with him because I really really like him. You don’t like that answer, do you?  Ok wait think, think, think ah ha! I know why I really really like him.  

I like him because he has a dream!  Everybody has a dream, but his dream is important. He wants to be a better man.  He is not noble but he is.  He is not a noble man but he is noble!  You must see beyond the man who is not noble.  He really would be an amazing knight.  He must be given the chance.  He could be amazing!  His heart is pure.  He just needs a chance.  Would you give him a chance?  You can’t judge him.  You shouldn’t judge him.  You shouldn’t judge him by his title you should judge his heart.  I judge his heart.  That’s why I really really like him!  

What are we doing, you ask?  We are going on an adventure!  We will save people and we will find the damsel!  Master has stopped.  He sees our adventure.  I see a windmill.  He sees a four-armed giant!!  I really just see a windmill.  Who am I to question Master?  If he says it is a giant, it is a giant!  He is preparing to attack.  I can see it is in eyes.  I am so excited; this is so exciting.  I have never been to battle.  I have never fought a giant! Neither has Master.  This is so exciting.  Will he be ok?  A four-armed giant that sounds scary.  I’m glad I can’t see it.  Do you think Master can see it?  Master must be able to see it.  That’s why he’s important that’s why he’s Don Quixote the Man of La Mancha.  He can see the four-armed giant and he is ready to fight.  This will be our quest! 

Master will defeat him, right?  He will defeat the giant right?  Of course he will defeat the giant!  It will be so exciting.  Everyone will run into the streets.  They will scream and they will wave their arms.  They will thank Master.  Master will have saved the people from the giant!  Everyone will know he is important.  They will know he is Don Quixote the Man of La Mancha.  He will really be a knight.  He thinks he is a knight.  He calls himself a knight.  But they will believe him!  

When we left town it was not good.  But if he slays the giant it will be wonderful!  I hope it is a giant.  It still looks like a windmill to me.  But he says it is a giant.  Is it a giant?  It must be a giant.  I don’t think Master has ever been to battle.  He has not told me any stories.  I wonder if he has been to battle.  Has he battled anything?  It would be so exciting to hear the story of a battle.  I don’t think he has ever been in a battle. 

Wait!  Master is muttering something.  Master is muttering Dulcinea.  Who is Dulcinea?  Dulcinea?  I have never met Dulcinea.  Have you met Dulcinea?  I don’t think Master has met Dulcinea.  Master says she is his lady, but I don’t know where she is.  Do you know where she is?  

Wait!  Master has started.  He is on his way to battle.  We are walking toward the windmill.  But we are on our way to fight the giant.  Dulcinea will be here when we get back.  I just know it!  Master knows it too.  

Master is moving I must go. I must go because Master is moving.  I can’t go without saying goodbye. I cannot go without saying goodbye.  I said hello I must say goodbye. Goodbye!  I must go!  Wish us luck!  Off to the windmill!  No!  The giant.