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This early eighteenth-century gaming counter bears the arms of the Coulson family. It comes from a set that was likely produced for William Coulson (1692-1750) of Jesmond House in Northumberland or his son. William married Jane Blenkinsopp (1696-?)…


This punch bowl is decorated with a panoramic view of the European and American trading centers, or hongs, in the Chinese port city of Canton, now known as Guangzhou. They are identified by their national flags. Few Westerners would have seen any…


This counter shows the arms of Fytche, which were used by the Fytches of Hudsell in Essex and Eltham and Mount Mascal in Kent.[1] The shield is decorated with three leopard’s heads. The crest, which is missing on the counter, depicted another…

This counter shows the arms of coat of Pigot of Westminster, England. Remarkable about this specific counter is that it is very plain and lacking any decoration. Instead, the coat of arms is divided up into the shield which is depicted on one side of…
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