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This census map was created from data from 1960 and represents the segregation in the District of Columbia in the 1960s. The map shows the distribution of blacks and whites in different corridors of the city. Northwest DC is almost entirely white,…

RF Africa.jpg
Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Africa sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's To Be Born a Duck Sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Morty Moot Mope sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet sketch

The North Carolina Central University for Negroes basketball team faced an all-white basketball team from Duke Medical School in secret in 1944. After meeting at the Durham YMCA for clandestine prayer meetings, they planned a game for Sunday, March 2…

Kermit's infamous melody provides children with a balanced look at what it's like to be green. On a realistic note, replace 'green' with 'black' and Kermit's song directly relates to the experiences of minority children. Written by Joe Raposo for…
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