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Walter Blake was the first black student to graduate from Washington and Lee. He was from Lexington, and a good friend with Dennis Haston. Dennis was the first black to student to enter Washington and Lee University since John Chavis did it in…

The May 3, 1968 issue of Ring-Tum Phi features articles about keynote speakers, guests, preparations, and the schedule of events for Mock Convention 1968.

1968 Nixon.jpg
Photograph shows Nixon visiting with Washington and Lee students during his May 1968 appearance at Mock Convention.

On April 21, 1975, Associate Dean Robert W. McAhren created a report of faculty opinion on coeducation at Washington and Lee (at the request of the administration). This report outlines faculty opinions on the subject and gives direct quotes on their…

In 1966, two African American students were accepted to Washington and Lee University for the first time in history. Leslie D. Smith Jr. was enrolled as a freshman law student, and Dennis Alan Haston as a first year undergraduate. This announcement…
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