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washington and Lee interview.pdf
William Hill entered Washington and Lee University in 1970. He was from Atlanta. His dad wanted him to go to Emory in Atlanta, but Hill got a scholarship to Washington and Lee University. Hill wanted to go to W&L. Hill talks about how hard it…

Fred Mindel (1965 Student Body President) examines the manifestation of the student activism movement on the W&L campus - dubbing it "non-activism" - and explains the 'why' and 'so what' behind it.

Fraternities in Question.pdf
Following the demise of three fraternities on campus, Bob Keefe (Director of Public Information, also an alum himself) analyzes the changes in student values and attitudes toward Greek life and makes predictions about the future of fraternities…

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An article in the Lexington News Gazette urging the Washington and Lee community to integrate its campus.

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An explanation of how people mistakenly attribute segregation to God. A very anti-segregation article written in the W&L school newspaper.

Miracles, Marvelettes Appear At Springs.pdf
This article discusses the various musical groups which came to campus for Springs Weekend in 1966.

coeducation II.pdf
This report details findings by a committee in the early 70s about the possibility of coeducation at Washington and Lee. Included are cost projections, projected staffing changes, and two different models of introducing coeducation.

coeducation I.pdf
Portions of interviews with the seven female students who studied at W&L during 1970, while it was still a male only school.
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