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Fred Mindel (1965 Student Body President) examines the manifestation of the student activism movement on the W&L campus - dubbing it "non-activism" - and explains the 'why' and 'so what' behind it.

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An explanation of how people mistakenly attribute segregation to God. A very anti-segregation article written in the W&L school newspaper.

The May 3, 1968 issue of Ring-Tum Phi features articles about keynote speakers, guests, preparations, and the schedule of events for Mock Convention 1968.

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Before the female student exchange program started in the fall of 1970, Washington and Lee tried to respond to the demands of females in education in other ways. One such response came in the form of a "Coeducation Week." Of course, in light of what…

This Ring-tum Phi article details one student's opinion on the benefits of coeducation at Washington and Lee.
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