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The Kitchen Debate.mp4
The grand opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959 became one of the most famous political standoffs during the Cold War and bolstered the United States’s prestige to the world. Vice President Richard Nixon and Russian leader…

Nixon took the opportunity presented by Cambodia’s March 18th coup, which replaced the neutral leader with a pro-American general, to consider ground action in Cambodia. On April 30, the President announced on national television that he had…

A letter to the editor in which the dismissal of Professor Henry Sloss is compared to Nixon's watergate scandal and the expulsion of Solzhenitsyn from the Soviet Union.

A brief review of Nixon's political career and campaigning in the run up to the 1968 presidential election.

1968 Nixon.jpg
Photograph shows Nixon visiting with Washington and Lee students during his May 1968 appearance at Mock Convention.

Letter From UNC President About Senator Stone.pdf
This carbon copy of the letter from University of North Carolina President William Friday to State Senator William F. Stone responded to Senator Stone's letter to President Nixon on student unrest in May 1970. The letter, including personal note to…
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