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This photograph shows members of the National Guard standing watch around the charred remains of a burned Kent State ROTC building in the wake of protests and shooting, Reaction to news of us involvement in Cambodia prompted a wave of student…

"This Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph by John Filo shows 14 year-old Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over the body of Jeffrey Miller after he was killed by Ohio National Guard troops on the campus of Kent State University on May 4, 1970." The tragedy on…

"Wounded Kent State student John Cleary is attended to by other students, who helped save his life. (Kent State University)"

"Students dive to the ground as the Ohio National Guard fires on faculty and students on May 4, 1970. (Kent State University)"

Photograph of University of North Carolina Students carrying an empty coffin following the Kent State tragedy. “May 1970 - Students march down Franklin Street carrying empty coffins following the Kent State tragedy,”

This Harvard Crimson article entitled "Guard Kills 4 at Kent; Strike Sweeps Nation" about the Kent State shooting and resulting student unrest across the country both provides a narrative of the events of Kent State and student reaction and how it…
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