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This Texas Western team was coached by Don Haskins. In 1965-66, they went to the national championship game and defeated Kentucky in College Park, Maryland on March 19. It was monumental game in the history of race and collegiate athletics. All five…

The North Carolina Central University for Negroes basketball team faced an all-white basketball team from Duke Medical School in secret in 1944. After meeting at the Durham YMCA for clandestine prayer meetings, they planned a game for Sunday, March 2…

A letter to the president of Duke who was upset that Duke was not punishing the faculty members who were protesting segregation. The letter was not from an alumnus. Rather a southerner who felt that Duke was betraying the south. The letter says…

2 Negro Students Accepted By W&L.pdf
This article from The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Washington & Lee University has enrolled two African-American students for the first time in the university's modern history. Leslie D. Smith, Jr. enrolled at the law school and Dennis Alan…

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Washington and Lee University students in the Forensic Union debated whether or not to have a student-financed fund to provide scholarships for black students. The scholarships would encourage qualified minority students to apply and attend the…

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This picture shows the law class.

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This news article gives background about these students and tells of their admittance to the university.
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