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Oscar the Grouch's first rendition of his classic "I Love Trash" song, from the first season of Sesame Street in which he was orange (not yet his recognizable green). The initial scene where Gordon questions Oscar's activity highlights the awkward…

Main Subjects of Children's Series 1970s.pdf
A table compiled by the author that shows the main subjects of children's series showing between 1970-1978, in percentages. Three broad categories (fiction, nonfiction, and performing activities) are further specified, from storybook and western to…

Scheduling of Children's Programming 1970s.pdf
A table compiled by the author that shows the scheduling breakdown of children's programs between 1970-1978, in percentages. Table specifies whether weekday, weekend, one day, multiple days, a combination, and at what part of the day they were shown.…

Roosevelt Franklin comes into a rowdy classroom but gets everyone under control after he asks for "that beat" because he's about to tell the class a story for the lesson. Through a catchy rhythm, simple rhyming pattern, and repetition, the sketch…

RF Africa.jpg
Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Africa sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's To Be Born a Duck Sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Morty Moot Mope sketch

Image from Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet sketch

Intro to the pilot episode of ZOOM, a popular show in the 1970s that was later revived in the 1990s.

Roosevelt Franklin sets the record straight, and teaches his classmates that Africa is not like the one shown in the Tarzan movie. A minor lesson of the segment is to not be afraid to say, "Yes, I guess I was wrong." However, the segment more…
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