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This photograph shows an overflow crowd of more than 1,000 students packed the University of Wisconsin Social Sciences Building on April 1, 1965, for a 10-hour "teach-in" against the Vietnam War. At Universities across the country professors,…

Students and Faculty protested Vietnam by participating in Teach-Ins, in which anti-war speakers and lecturers spoke and academic dialogue was built. This Drug Teach-In took place in January of 1968 at the University of Michigan. The University of…

This photograph shows students from the University of California participating in a student picket in support of the student-faculty strike to protest demonstrators’ arrest. The Freedom of Speech Movement at the University of California was part of…

Fred Mindel (1965 Student Body President) examines the manifestation of the student activism movement on the W&L campus - dubbing it "non-activism" - and explains the 'why' and 'so what' behind it.
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