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Rep Party Platform 1980.jpg
The 1980 Republican Party platform included an extended section on the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, outlining the Republican Party's basic approach to the conflict. They vowed to aggressively reestablish America as the…

In addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference, Reagan discussed what he called the "new Republican Party." This new Republican Party needed to stand for individual freedom and liberty around the world. He referred to the Soviet Union as…

Reagan - A Time For Choosing - from YouTube.mp4

President Ronald Reagan - -Evil Empire- Speech - from YouTube.mp4

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Détente foreign policy means to relax or calm relations between two countries. The policy of "détente" started during the Nixon campaign and continued up to the Reagan Administration. The first act of détente came in 1972 when President Nixon visited…

Newspaper article about Reagan's economic policies
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